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Zach Phillips is NAMM’s director of professional development, where he oversees NAMM’s education initiatives. He joined NAMM in November 2012 after editing Music Inc. magazine, one of the industry trades, for 13 years. He was also the editor of UpBeat Daily, a contributing editor to DownBeat and a business columnist for During his tenure at Music Inc., the magazine received Magazine of the Year from ASBPE, the highest honor in trade journalism. He’s also a part-time singer-songwriter.

  1.  One memory you have about the first gig you ever played in front of an audience.
    I played part of my solo with the guitar behind my head, a la Hendrix. When I watched the video, I was horrified to see how ridiculous it looked! It was a teachable moment.
  2. Besides the weather, the best thing about the West Coast?
    The geography. I’m still pleasantly surprised every morning when I notice that the landscape isn’t flat.
  3. You’re favorite: Sly Stone or James Brown?
    Which arm should I cut off?
  4. In your opinion, where is music going in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
    A Rush revival?
  5. Your advice to those that want to work in the music products industry.
    Work hard, seek mentors, network and try to be good to people. The music products business is a small industry. People remember the people who did well by them, and vice versa.

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