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If you ask his mother she will tell you that Darius Middleton has been interested in music since he was three weeks old.As a recent graduate of the music school at North Carolina Central University, Darius has performed regularly in various  jazz ensembles, served proudly as a member of Jazz ensembles at Elizabeth City State University and at North Carolina Central University.

Darius has worked with Branford Marsalis and currently he is working on an as yet to be released project with producer/perform

er 9th wonder.

As the other half of D. Shawn & Soul Darius is currently nominated for a Carolina Music Awards for Best R&B music artist and in early 2017 D. Shawn & Soul had the extreme honor of performing for the king and queen of Nigeria and the Archbishop of Ghana.

Although Darius plays piano and a little guitar and trumpet, he really shines when he performs vocally and teaching voice to his students.


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