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Progressive Music Center drum/percussion instructor Dexter Horton will appear in a documentary along with his comrades in the AC/DC tribute band, Night Prowler, for a VH1 documentary in late 2009.

Filmed and produced at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC by a production company from Atlanta, the documentary focuses on the impact the band AC/DC has had on daily life around the world. Dexter stated, “If you think about how many professional athletic events use AC/DC songs during pre-game, post-game, commercial breaks, etc; the numerous commercials on TV and movies, political candidates, motivational speakers, “tribute” bands, spin-offs like Hayseed Dixie that use their songs during the course of their presentations, then you come to realize that AC/DC has had a tremendous impact over the course of their career”.

See more pictures of the photo shoot during the filming of the documentary here

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