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We’ve heard it time and time again, “I don’t have time to practice”, or “What can I do to make my child practice”? You get out of the instrument what you put into it, and no way around it, practicing the instrument is a MUST, and comes with the territory. However, we also adhere to the rule that we like to see quality practice and not always quantity practice.

There are ways we have found to make practicing a little more interesting, if not more fun. These are just a few suggestions we have, so if you have something that works for you, please let us know, we’ll be happy to post it here.

TV Practicing

Have a favorite TV show you like to watch each week, or every day? Try practicing between each commercial break. Keep your instrument nearby and at the start of every commercial break play your scales, chords, rudiments, or any number of exercises you like. (Drummers can keep their practice pads on stands next to the chair or sofa).

During the next commercial break play a song, or a different exercise. For a thirty minute show you will get in about 13 – 15 minutes of practice, and for a one-hour show your practice will add up to 25 – 30 minutes!!

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