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Inadequate Instruments Can Ruin A Great Student.

In our 24+ years in business we have seen time and again talented students that give up on learning because they think they do not have the talent to play their instrument. In truth it’s not the student that’s the issue, it’s their instrument. Would you continue to play a sport or work at any activity if you have inadequate equipment or borrowed equipment that does not work properly or fit your needs? Of course not. When learning to play music you need the correct instrument that fits your body and your musical needs. Instruments must be the right size, properly tune up and stay in tune and have the correct set up for proper playing functions. The good news is that to get a quality instrument you do not need to spend a lot of money.

Progressive Music Center Requires The Following. All Equipment Listed Is Available In Our Retail Shops.

Drums: Practice Pad and good pair of sticks. Keeping your sticks fresh is very important as chipped or cracked sticks will not function properly and can damage drum heads.  A good drum seat – the drum seat is the most used piece of equipment on a drum set so do not use a chair or bar stool. A good drum seat will last for years and make your playing much more comfortable. Please set your drum set up ergonomically. Our teachers can assist you with this process.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar: Our teachers require a tuner. For the instrument itself a guitar must properly fit the student. A guitar that is too big will be impossible to play correctly. Each brand of guitar has various sizes and shapes so there needs to be considerations to the shape of the body, length of neck and if you want an acoustic or electric guitar. Above all the action (height of strings off the neck of the guitar) must be set up correctly for the instrument to play correctly. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding he correct size and model for your needs while making sure the instrument is set up correctly.

Violin: Do you need a half size 7/8 or 4/4 size? We can measure you for the right fit.

It’s important to keep in mind that each student may have different requirements on the size, style and type of instrument they need. Some families have guitars that have been passed down from parents, grandparents and family friends, but that does not mean the instrument is usable for lessons.

If you already have an instrument our staff will be happy to look it over and make sure it is up to par. In many cases we can get an instrument back into playing shape in our repair dept. (a new set of strings, new drumheads, a slight adjustment or tweak can work wonders), so there is no need to purchase a new instrument as long the current instrument is the right fit for the student. We’ll also help determine the correct fit and size for a student. A small 6 year old can not play a full size acoustic guitar, and an adult student may have issues with a small drum set that is too low for them when seated.

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