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Inspiration comes in many, many forms and 16 year old Carson Monschein is one motivating individual that we can all take note of and look up to.

At just 10 years old it was discovered Carson had a brain tumor. Following a successful operation to remove the tumor Carson suffered a debilitating stroke. While the stroke left his arm paralyzed none of that was strong enough to stop Carson from pursuing one of his passions – playing the drums.

So, when we were in California earlier this year attending a meeting with Rick Allen, the thunderous drummer behind iconic rockers Def Leppard, and the folks from Yamaha Drums, we knew we had to help make the connection between Rick and Carson when Def Leppard stopped in Raleigh on tour with Journey.

​It all went down in early June when Rick treated Carson and his mom Rachel to seats for the Def Leppard/Journey show and afterwards Carson had the opportunity to meet Rick in person. What an inspirational night and many thanks to Rick for taking the time to meet an amazing young drummer that has never allowed adversity to slow him down.

​Carson’s an awesome drummer and a true inspiration to all of us at Progressive Music Center and it reminds us all to never stop pursuing our dreams and always go for it everyday no matter what.


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