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Kevin Wing is a prolific singer/songwriter that teaches guitar in Progressive Music Center’s Wake Forest and Raleigh, North Carolina locations. Kevin has been teaching at Progressive for 6 years and is a popular teacher as his easy going personality and fun sense of humor sets the tone for a relaxed lesson atmosphere. This same laid back approach makes learning the fundamentals of guitar easy to grasp and gets all of Kevin’s students, no matter their age, up and playing their favorite styles of music in no time.

Kevin has a serious resume of gigs to his credit as well. After 26 years of performing shows in venues such as the legendary CBGB’s to festivals and all stages in between, Kevin has honed his craft and is a seasoned pro. We got five minutes of Kevin’s time between his teaching schedule to run down his best gig memory to his choice between two music heavy weights, Prince or MJ. Here’s what he had to say.

  1. What’s the best experience you’ve had playing a gig? The worst?
    Best experience: Opening band at CBGB’s before it closed down, and having Johnny and DeeDee Ramone make a surprise guest appearance with the headlining band, playing Ramones songs all night! (New York Dolls’ drummer’s band the She-Wolves )
    Worst:  Being on the losing end of a show that got double booked
  2. Two products you swear by?
    D’addario strings and Mesa/Boogie amps
  3. What bands are you listening too lately?
    City and Colour .  Social Distortion
  4. How long have you played guitar? Did you take lessons? For how long?
    Playing guitar for 26 years.  Saxophone before that, and piano before that.  Took guitar lessons 5 years
  5. You’re preference – Michael Jackson or Prince?

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