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Jordan Hubbard started playing the guitar at the age of 13 after being inspired by friends and family members who shared an interest in music. After working through various musical genres, he found himself studying classical guitar at the East Carolina University School of Music under Dr. Elliot Frank. While earning his degree, Jordan also gained experience teaching, playing in bands, performing solo and in small groups, singing and even playing some ukulele, piano and cello. While teaching during college at a local music store, Jordan realized how much he enjoyed sharing what he had learned with others.

Having taken lessons for eight years from multiple instructors with different backgrounds and styles of teaching, Jordan has spent plenty of time in the lesson setting. He is aware of how difficult it can be for beginners and realizes that every teacher has the responsibility of making the student feel as comfortable as possible. His experience as both a teacher and student has proven that there is no singular way to teach guitar. Each student must be approached with an open mind and flexible curriculum to ensure the student is inspired and productive.

His lessons promise to be customized according to the student’s interests.

Whether you are just looking to have some fun with a new hobby or seriously increase your musical knowledge and ability, Jordan is more than willing to work with you.

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