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2018 Summer Camps

“Perhaps the coolest music camp offered in North Carolina, no wonder Progressive Music Center has people from New York, Louisiana and Florida coming each summer. If they can come all that way then this is certainly a “must-do” for every local musician.” -Music Inc. Magazine, June 2010


2018 Original School of Rock Summer Camp Dates:

June 11 – 15 (Raleigh Location)

June 18 – 22 (Wake Forest Location)

July 9 – 13 (Raleigh Location) CAMP FULL

July 23 – 27 (Wake Forest Location)

August 6 – 10 (Raleigh Location)

August 13 – 17 (Wake Forest Location)

2018 Learn To Play Camp Dates:

June 11 – 15 (Wake Forest Location)

June 18 – 22 (Raleigh Location)

June 25 – 29 (Raleigh and Wake Forest Locations)

July 9 – 13 (Wake Forest Location) CAMP FULL

July 16 – 20 (Raleigh and Wake Forest Locations) CAMP FULL

July 23 – 27 (Raleigh Location) ONLY A FEW SLOTS LEFT

August 6 – 10 (Wake Forest Location)

August 13 – 17 (Raleigh Location)

August 20 – 24 (Raleigh and Wake Forest Locations)

What Is The Difference Between Original School of Rock Camps and Learn To Play Camps?

We offer two summer camp options: 

Original School of Rock (now in its 22nd year) and Learn To Play (now in its 4th year).

  • Original School of Rock is 9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday and offers two options:
    • Tour ($299) and Front of House (FOH) ($399)
      • Tour is a full day of rehearsals with your band + the Friday Finale Concert. Each day ends at 3 PM for Tour musicians. FOH musicians stay on until 5 PM for the live sound/recording technology workshops
      • FOH is just like the Tour option with a full day of rehearsals with your band + Friday Finale Concert but FOH musicians attend the live sound/recording technology workshops from 3 – 5 PM each day
  • Original School of Rock Camps are week long immersive music camps that place attendees into bands that write, rehearse and then perform in a grand finale concert on the last evening of the camp week. Mostly geared towards those with 6 months or more of lesson and playing experience.
  • Learn To Play Camps ($299) are for the beginner that wants to learn the fundamentals of guitar, drums and keyboard in a half day setting.
  • Original School of Rock Camp bands will write original music, work on cover songs and put it all together in a full, high octane, professional concert featuring your band playing your music.
  • Original School of Rock Camp runs Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 3 PM for those registered for the Tour option and 9 AM – 5 PM for those registered for the Front of House (FOH) option.
  • Learn To Play Camps are Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM.
  • Attendees will learn team work, communication, self esteem and the ability to be the best musician you can be in a single week of amazing music making.
What Types Of Instruments Are At The Camps?

For Original School of Rock Camps we’ve had trumpet, trombone, flute, violin, tuba and a bunch of other cool instruments join in. If you play something other than drums, guitar, keyboard or sing, jump on in – we would love to have you with us. Call us if you have an “alternate” instrument outside of the rock band set-up and we’ll discuss it and see how it will fit in for the camp week you are interested in.

Learn To Play Camps will spend the day learning guitar, drums and keyboards in hour long sessions. Don’t have an instrument? No problem, we’ll provide one for you to use during the camp day and if you want to take it home to practice we have rental instruments as well.

Who Can Attend & How Old Do You Have To Be?

Our program is open to everyone and you do not have to be a student at Progressive Music Center to attend. We have a great mix of male and female drummers, guitarists, bassists, piano/keyboardists, vocalists, and a bunch of other instruments in between. Ages range anywhere from 8 – 88 depending on the camp and the camp week. Music has no age limits or boundaries.

When & Where Are The Sessions Held?

Sessions will take place at Progressive Music Center’s Raleigh, NC (Brier Creek) and Wake Forest, NC (The Factory) locations Monday – Friday on the dates and times listed in the registration form below.  Original School of Rock Camp drop off starts at 8:30 AM and pick up for Tour starts at 3:00 PM and FOH at 5 PM. Learn To Play Camp drop off starts at 8:30 AM and pick up at 12:oo PM.

What To Bring In 2018
        • Original School of Rock Camp Drummers should bring a new pair of drumsticks. Some drummers prefer their own cymbals, pedals and drum thrones but we have all of that covered if you do not wish to bring your own gear.
        • Original School of Rock Camp Guitar and Bass players should bring their guitar, bass, tuners, straps, cables and amps.
        • Original School of Rock Camp Brass and Woodwind players should bring their respective instruments and mouthpieces.
        • Original School of Rock Camp Keyboard players should bring their keyboard.
        • **You can leave your equipment in our studios so you do not have to transport it every day (this works well for amplifiers). We will provide a storage area if you wish to leave it overnight, however we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment.**
        • Learn To Play Camp attendees can bring their own guitar if they like and for those with no instrument we will provide instruments for use during the camp day. If you need an instrument for home use we offer rental instruments.

Snacks, sodas and water are available in our drink and snack machine (Wake Forest location) and we will have some drinks and water on hand, but everyone should bring lunch, drinks and any snacks Monday – Friday for both Original School of Rock Camp and Learn To Play Camps. We have a microwave and refrigerator if you need to keep food cold or warm it up. There are also a few restaurants within walking or driving distance. Some teachers make a food run so we will be happy to bring something back if you ask.

What If I Don't Not Like The Band I'm In?

We try to place everyone into the right bands in the Original School of Rock Camps but we do have to make adjustments from time to time and move band members around. We ask that you give us time to make those adjustments and do what’s right for the entire group and not just one person. We do not offer refunds for any reason.

What Styles Of Music Are Played?

Original School of Rock Camp Bands are given a musical theme so the music will vary. One band may play rock songs in the style of Reggae and one band may play jazz standards in the style of heavy metal. We want to challenge our attendees to step outside of their comfort zones of what they have been playing and to broaden their horizons with new styles and formats of music exploration. Every member of the band will have an opportunity to contribute.

Learn To Play material will be based on attendee ability.

What If We Can’t Make It After All?

We do not offer refunds if you cannot make it to the sessions for any reason. We plan our weekly schedules, staffing and concerts based on total number of participants registered weeks before any camp start date. In the event you do not attend or drop out it will create issues with band placement, curriculums and the Friday evening concerts for Original School of Rock Camps. In other words, it throws everything into chaos if you decide to back out.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration for both camp programs is fast and easy. Simply complete the form below and click submit. You’ll be taken to PayPal where you can securely pay for the weeks you want to attend (discounts applied automatically). Questions? Having problems registering? Give us a call or email and we’ll be glad to assist you.


Raleigh Location: 919.596.1687
Wake Forest Location: 919.453.1688

Progressive Music Center Raleigh: 2720 Godley Lane, Raleigh, NC 27617
Progressive Music Center Wake Forest, 1839 South Main Street, Suite 344,
Wake Forest, NC 27587.