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Learning to play an instrument, or have been playing your instrument for a while? Here’s 5 tips for every musician from Espie Estrella, from

1. Patience – Learning an instrument is hard at the beginning so you must be very patient with yourself. The beginning musician should especially keep in mind that each of us learn differently and it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you learn slower you’re not as good as someone else.

2. Warm-Up – Finger exercises and other form of warm-ups are crucial if you want to be a good player. Not only will it make your hands and fingers more flexible, it will also reduce the danger of injuries[/link]. Every music instrument player must do warm-ups first before playing or performing. You won’t run a marathon without stretching first, right? The same principle applies to playing an instrument.

3. Learn To Sight Read – Sight-reading is the ability to read a music piece without difficulty. It’s much like opening a book and reading it, the act is effortless and comes naturally. Tactile-playing is the ability to play an instrument without looking at your hands. This means you have mastered your instrument so much so that you can play it even with your eyes closed.

4. Know Your Theory – Understanding the difference between a grand staff and a quarter note makes it a lot easier to “talk shop” with other musicians. This knowledge can lead to better gigs and a greater satisfaction from performing.

5. Have Fun – Music and playing music should be fun and enjoyable.

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